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Utah Human Resources
  • Reduce Liability- A single poorly handled employee incident can imperil your entire organization. Issues from wrongful termination to a hostile workplace need never be an issue in an organization that is doing all the little things necessary to prevent them. The problem is many organizations are not aware of their responsibilities, and this can lead to disaster. Our clients sleep well at night knowing that these things are being professionally and competently handled.
  • Increase Employee Productivity- We implement strategic performance management plans for every employee in your organization which are aligned with your business goals. We then put systems in place to monitor, report and review the performance of each member of your team. Employees appreciate knowing exactly what is expected of them, and will rise to exacting standards when they know their performance is being measured and reviewed.
  • Decrease Total Cost of Labor- We will analyze your entire cost of labor from benefits, workers' compensation, recruitment, administration, low productivity and more, and find the places where your organization could be more efficient. For most of our clients, we are able to reduce the total cost of labor by over 3%, and that is after our fees. Depending on the size of your firm, that could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in savings.
  • Increase Profits- There are only two ways to improve profits in a business. Sell more, and spend less. ISHR helps you do both. Our strategic human resources solutions lower your overall cost of labor, and our performance plans and metrics mean your entire organization will be operating at higher levels of output.
  • Strategic Decision Making- Making good decisions requires good information. ISHR provides executives and managers with powerful dashboard performance indicators or metrics on a regular basis. These reports give you accurate information on the performance of individuals, teams, departments and your entire organization. Our powerful reporting systems make strategic planning and efficient allocation of scarce resources much easier for our clients.
  • Reduce Turnover- One of the biggest hits to your productivity and profitability is employee turnover. Keeping good employees happy doesn’t happen by accident. It is planned! Our clients benefit from thoroughly planned and proven HR administration that dramatically reduces turnover. From recruiting the best people, to designing effective compensation plans, to regular performance reviews to training and development programs, we can help.
  • Focus On Business- In your organization there are things you love to do, and things you have to do. Let ISHR handle the things in the area of HR that you have to do. So you can focus on what you love. Your business.